Utilize the services of our longstanding laboratory to assist your research.


DNA & RNA Purification

Our nucleic acid purification service includes workflows optimized to provide maximum yield, purity, and integrity from virtually any sample type. We perform DNA Extraction, RNA Extraction, Nucleic Acid Gel Electrophoresis, Viral RNA/DNA Purification and Nucleic Acid Quantitation.

Gene Expression Analysis and Genotyping


Gene expression profiling simultaneously compares the expression levels of more genes between two or more sample types. Comprehensive solutions for gene expression profiling, validation, and screening are supported by our sequencing analysis and real-time PCR workflows.


Numerous daily used applications, such as genotyping, expression analysis or cloning are performed through the invaluable PCR method, to that we provide our expertise.

Real-Time PCR

We support your gene expression analysis, copy number variations or mutation detection experiments requiring real-time identification and quantification of certain genomic locations.


Application areas

Cancer Research

The goal of studying cancer is to develop safe and effective methods to prevent, detect, diagnose, treat, and, ultimately, cure the many diseases we call cancer. The better we understand these diseases, the more progress we will make toward diminishing the tremendous human and economic tolls of cancer.


The activity of our genes is determined by more than just the sequence of DNA. Epigenetic marks are reversible chemical modifications to our DNA or chromatin that alter the activity of the genes upon which they sit. These modifications play important roles in defining different cell types in the body and can be influenced by environmental and nutritional factors.


Meta­genomic approaches, which sidestep the need to purify and cultivate individual microbial strains, make it easier to retrieve genome sequence information from elusive microbial species. Metagenomic approaches enable direct assessment of community diversity and provide data sets relevant to both measuring and modeling biological processes.