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New single-cell seq technology, novel insight

Extensive clonal diversity generation and mutation rates were proved in aggressive cancer cells by the newly developed nuc-seq method that uses G2/M nuclei to achieve high coverage breadh. The Navin-group provides even more high important findings.

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Bottom-up characterization of in vivo cell-type landscapes is possible independently of cell markers or prior knowledge

"Massively parallel single-cell RNA-sequencing was applied to explore cellular heterogeneity within the immune system revealing distinct cellular groupings that corresponded to B cells, macrophages, and dendritic cells."

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In situ single cell, single molecule RNA sequencing

Cellular localization, phenotype, gene regulation, and environment in situ of RNAs are examinable with the newly combined Fluorescent in situ sequencing (FISSEQ) method.

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Comprehensive review of available bioinformatics tools specific for single cell genomics analysis

Single cell DNA/RNA sequencing data usually have low genome coverage and high amplification bias, which makes bioinformatics analysis challenging.

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Fluigdigm Launches Single-Cell DNA Sequencing Workflow

"An universal sample prep workflow streamlines targeted, whole exome and whole genome sequencing in heterogeneous cell populations and enables researchers to discover and screen somatic mutations, such as SNP, small indels, and translocations."

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